New Hitman Title Officially Announced

By Karl D - Tue May 10, 2:20 pm

After five years absence from the contract killing business, Agent 47 has officially returned for his newest outing. Hitman: Absolution was finally announced by Square Enix along with a teaser image, SE promises “much-loved classic gameplay with completely new features never seen before in the Hitman franchise”. Whatever new features the game has, we’re hoping to find out more news soon with E3 lurking around the corner.

We know very little about this title so far other than the news that it’s running on the new “Glacier 2” tech engine and you can check out a VERY brief glimpse at the teaser sight here. Let’s just hope it has no connection to the movie adaption!

Check back with Lo-Ping as we bring more updates on this killer franchise.

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    Wait what?

    Hitman, made by Square Enix?

    I'm not going to have to murder some anime looking characters with some overly large weapon?

    What's next? A Hitman game made by Warner Bros. where you have to kill Bugs Bunny with an anvil?

    1. 0

      It's being published by Square Enix and developed by IO Interactive

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