Video Games: One of the Last Bastions of Masculinity

By Lo-Ping - Fri Jun 10, 2:42 am

With the recent release and pretend controversy of Duke Nukem Forever, several authors at Lo-Ping have banded together to discuss the topic of masculinity in gaming.  These articles will likely range from offending to benign depending on your stance on this topic, the individual opinions of these authors does not reflect the stance of Lo-Ping as a whole. Feel free to discuss them in the forums!

So I’m unwinding after work, looking at my feed on Facebook when I see that one of my lady friends LIKE’d a group.  The name caught my attention, as well as one of the first posts on the group’s wall.

"Don't hit on me all at once, silly boys~"

It got me wondering about things.  Mostly the fact that this, being a “video game generalization” of males, is directly attributable to feminism and its dethroning and ignoring of positive male qualities. We are at a stage where feminism is the unassailable orthodoxy of the government and all institutions in society. The feminine is glorified and the masculine is at worst negative and evil, and at best unimportant and trivial.

Marriage is a bad deal for males; every western country has a legal system that is unabashedly sexist in favor of females for any man-woman issue. Custody, child support, divorce law and asset division. You can do literally nothing wrong, and your wife can file for a divorce and steal your assets. Due process sometimes doesn’t even exist for rape cases. Why? Males are the brutalizers, because masculinity = cruel and evil. We live in a world that overvalues women and undervalues men. Women are trained to disrespect men but still expect everything from them.

Everything wrong with the world, apparently.

So where does this leave the 18-30 year old male? We are still primevally masculine, meaning it’s in our very nature to want to kick ass, compete, achieve things, be proud and generally be awesome. But the world says no. Video games, on the other hand, give an inviting “YES”.

"My network comes right up just having you around."

So, young men don’t play video games because we “refuse to grow up” (by the way, that fallacious feminist ad hominem is starting to get old) but because a feminized society has backed masculinity into a corner, and we express it through strategizing, dominating, and blowing shit up. Video games are a masculine sanctuary, where males are valued more in it, due to them being inherently better due the way male brains work.  It’s just science.

Girl gamers (not to be confused with girls who play games) also subtly subvert maleness and its specialness; it’s a reflection of our decayed society trying to hide the natural order of males and females being different. Science is the biggest anti-feminist weapon out there, and they hate it. Neuroscience is still in its early stages and still it tells us that:

Males ARE better at strategizing.
Males ARE better in clutch, confusing and fast paced situations; we get more determined while females tend to get more flustered.
Males ARE better at finding ways to kick their opponents ass and making them stay down.

YOU are objectively fucking awesome according to science, and society hates this reality.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Let’s see what the other side says about you:

Click to Embiggen and anger


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    What a crock of bullshit.
    Neuroscience has "proven" nothing of the sort. This is an attempt to devalue the worth of women in gaming, and a wonderful example of how the writer is so incredibly insecure that he can't simply get on with his life and enjoy his damn videogames.

    The main problem is NOT that girls are playing (and enjoying!) videogames, or trying to "subvert" the "specialness" of the masculinity that's apparently inherent in gaming. The problem is that society as a whole has not caught up to gaming's growth from things like mario and pokemon to fully-fledged, mature vehicles for expression, whether that be story-driven or just a desire to blow shit up and vent aggro. As such, people expect that gaming is the province of the adolescent boy who can't get a grasp on reality, and girls are expected to try and persuade their boyfriends/husbands/kids to "kick the habit" when in reality, it'd be a damn sight better to demonstrate exactly what gaming has to offer to society. There's a wealth of studies freely available on pubmed for anyone who cares to look displaying the immense positive benefits of gaming to people of almost any age, from stroke rehab to reflex training.

    tl;dr stop being such an insecure ass and get a grip.

    1. 0

      Or read:

      While the latter is far more inclusive it does cost money.

      Ironically, however, your response is EXACTLY what the writer is talking about. Did you not read: “Girl gamers (not to be confused with girls who play games)”? Yeah, thought so.

  2. +1

    Unbelievable how well-wrttein and informative this was.

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