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By Lo-Ping - Fri Jun 10, 2:42 am


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    What a crock of bullshit.
    Neuroscience has "proven" nothing of the sort. This is an attempt to devalue the worth of women in gaming, and a wonderful example of how the writer is so incredibly insecure that he can't simply get on with his life and enjoy his damn videogames.

    The main problem is NOT that girls are playing (and enjoying!) videogames, or trying to "subvert" the "specialness" of the masculinity that's apparently inherent in gaming. The problem is that society as a whole has not caught up to gaming's growth from things like mario and pokemon to fully-fledged, mature vehicles for expression, whether that be story-driven or just a desire to blow shit up and vent aggro. As such, people expect that gaming is the province of the adolescent boy who can't get a grasp on reality, and girls are expected to try and persuade their boyfriends/husbands/kids to "kick the habit" when in reality, it'd be a damn sight better to demonstrate exactly what gaming has to offer to society. There's a wealth of studies freely available on pubmed for anyone who cares to look displaying the immense positive benefits of gaming to people of almost any age, from stroke rehab to reflex training.

    tl;dr stop being such an insecure ass and get a grip.

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      Or read:

      While the latter is far more inclusive it does cost money.

      Ironically, however, your response is EXACTLY what the writer is talking about. Did you not read: “Girl gamers (not to be confused with girls who play games)”? Yeah, thought so.

  2. +1

    Unbelievable how well-wrttein and informative this was.

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