DayZ will have a standalone game.

By Sebastian D - Wed Aug 08, 9:00 am

A tweet from DayZ developer Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall lets us know that the standalone version of DayZ is now confirmed.  Hall had intended to make his sleeper-hit mod a “proper” game since Day 1.  Or Day A.  Whatever.

Via the DayZ site Dean let’s us know that development of the mod will continue parallel with the development of the game.  The project will follow Minecraft’s development model letting players buy it from Alpha at a discounted price.

It will be developed by Bohemia Interactive with hall as Lead Designer and now has its own site at

At the same time as this announcement, DayZ has now hit one million unique players. Not bad for a mod of a niche realistic war simulator.




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    This game is very funny. I feel happy.

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