It’s Here! The Max Payne 3 Trailer

By Karl D - Wed Sep 14, 10:57 am

It’s been over 2 years since the announcement of a third Max Payne game, since then all we’ve had to speculate over are a handful of screenshots and 30 seconds of dialogue from the man himself. The game was originally scheduled for a late 2009 release, a few delays later and many of us were wondering if the game hadn’t been cancelled altogether.

Today is Wednesday September 14th, 2011, our minds are put at ease as it’s the day Rockstar Games have shown us the very first footage of Max Payne 3, click the link or check it out in the video below:

The game is set several years after the events of the second game, Payne has left New York City behind and now works in a private security sector for a wealthy family in  São Paulo, Brazil. After being double-crossed Max’s life is in danger, he needs to find both the truth and a way out.

You’ll be glad to hear that James McCaffrey, otherwise known as the voice of Max will also make his return. What’s most interesting is that this is the first Max Payne game which isn’t developed by Remedy Entertainment, we trust Rockstar to do a fantastic job at the helm of this much loved franchise.

Max Payne 3 will be released in March 2012 (hopefully) for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360


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