Modern Warfare 3 To Have Subscription-based Model?

By Karl D - Mon May 30, 10:14 pm

Ah yes.  Activision.  In another chapter of their storied drama, this gem pops up from the Wall Street Journal.  Apparently, the head honchos over at Activision are seriously considering slapping an additional fee with online play for their, and this is their quote here, “hyper-realistic combat-simulation game” Modern Warfare 3.  The service, called Call of Duty Elite, will feature a $7.99 a month Netflix-type subscription based model for continued access to it, and future installments.

The argument that they offer a Netflix-type subscription is folly at best because THEY OFFER A TON OF MOVIES YOU IDIOTS NOT A FEW EXTRA LEVELS FOR FEW GAMES!

The worst part?  The fanbase WILL pay for it without a second thought.  Remember, this fee is on top.  Here’s a breakdown:

-Pay to buy game
-Pay for internet access
-Pay to access XBL network
-Pay to play game on XBL

See what’s wrong here?  This is exactly why you don’t buy hats.

Keep in mind, Kotick isn’t worried about pushback from gamers about the Call of Duty Elite fee because players will still be able to compete against each other online without subscribing to the service.  They just won’t have access to the expanded features such as custom matchmaking and the like.

See?  This is why you guys shouldn’t have paid for maps.

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    I hate you, Bobby Kotick!

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