E3 – Serious Industry Professionals Only

By James E. - Mon Jun 13, 6:37 pm


Quick, what do a travelling carnival and E3 have in common? Mega64 tells you after the jump.

Like many gamers, I’ve dreamed of going to E3 since I was old enough to realize what it was; new game previews, demos and swag galore. But a lot of these corporate presentations would be nothing without presenters. “Booth babes” as they’re often called, have always been the ones to attract attention to specific booths, given that most of the games journo writers are 20-40-something men. I’m sure we all remember the “pared down” E3 of a couple years ago? Now, I’m not saying that it should be brought back to that level, but when you’re a grown man jumping around with a young woman in an inflatable castle that’s likely booked for a 10 year old’s birthday the following afternoon, and then get out and put your “serious reporter” hat back on, there’s a problem.

Gaming journalism, on the whole, is broken. I say this as someone who desperately wants it to work. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with costumed women at a trade show, but there is a line that has definitely been crossed here.  If you’re working in the industry, you must have a vested interest in your craft being taken seriously

Jumping up and down with women to win a TV does not equal serious.

“Industry professionals” indeed.

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    You know the person that won the TV they were offering as a "prize" will lie and say he bought it if anyone ever says "Nice tube man, how'd you get it?"

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