Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Polls Facebook Users about DLC: Slammed

By Barry B. - Thu Mar 17, 9:25 am

Today, the official facebook page for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 asked users what they thought about the new DLC. Here are couple of my favorites.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

What do you guys think of Jill and Shuma?
Either of them have the potential to be on your team?

– The very first comment.

Not at 400 MSP’s

“It’s good to have old Shuma Gorath back”
– See I’m not totally biased.

“shuma yes, jill not so much”

“not at 400 ms points a character totally not worth it”

“gotta come with better characters”

“We want Venom!!”
– THANK you!

“Hell no”

“Game is bad. Trading it for a new Wii. Feels good man.”
– Oo. God. A bullet train headed straight for owch town.

“Traded This Damn Game In Yesterday! You can Have It… Just Doesnt Click Like MVC2 Did. Sorry!”

“not at 4.99 EACH!”

“no bring Megaman and Strider back.”



“Still waiting on Megaman and Venom”
– By some very eloquent gentleman.

Want to add your own thoughts to the discussion? Do so here.

I’m Psyguy and THIS is me agreeing with the majority.


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    Thank you for published because I have been learn a lot of knowledge. 

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    Completely irrelevant to the DLC topic. I'm good at the game and all but the DLC character choices are garbage. Yeah we want Jill but gave us this ****ty variation of her and Shuma is fun but not someone I'd take serious.

    Everybody's main problem is the fact that they rushed a incomplete, bug-ridden game that we waited 10 years for and Crapcom has the nerve to charge us for stuff already on the disc at crack prices. Of course we'll buy them because people want the whole package.

    Even the costumes are justified given that they were made after release

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    Typical Marvel scrubs polling facebook..
    lol "Learn mission mode combos and maybe you'll get better at the game"

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