Marvel vs Capcom 3 gets even more characters nobody really wanted

By Barry B. - Thu Mar 10, 3:55 pm

Now I like Jill and I like Shuma-Gorath, don’t get me wrong. It’s the same way I like to have stewardesses on a plane. But, what I’m really looking for is the pilot. I’m really waiting for Megaman or Venom or something –

That being said, we’re going to have two new DLC characters. Which really isn’t as true as you might think – my buddy Trunks found out they’re already in the system, we’re just going to download the code to unlock them.

Needless to say, I will still be buying these as soon as they are available.

DLC will be available March 15h for pretty much everybody except European owners will have to wait until the 16th.

And if you already didn’t know, new costumes are available for DLC for Ryu, Dante, Thor, Iron man, and Captain America.

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