Steal Gabe Newell's Steam Account TODAY!

By Lo-Ping - Sat Mar 05, 12:09 am

By: Gavin G

Seriously, he’s okay with it!

Everyone’s favorite community-minded developer, Gabe Newell, was at GDC this week and revealed the new security software Valve has developed. Dubbed Steam Guard, surprisingly enough, it’s a guard… for Steam!

From what I’ve found by doing some digging around the ‘net is SG allows a user to designate one PC and one PC only as their home account. If anyone attempts to log in and change any personal information or purchase something, a notification is sent to the home PC and the secondary account is locked until verified.

Gabe is so confident in this new program he gave out his Steam ID login and password at GDC, saying that it wouldn’t do anyone any good with Steam Guard on the job. The denizens of the internet are already at work hacking and whacking away trying to be the next GeoHot.

Personally,  if it was a less desirable video game superstar I would be praying for them to fall flat on their ass and laugh as the headlines roll in, but I think Valve both has the programming chops and actually deserves to be that badass.

Watch Gabe “balls of Steel” Newell’s GDC presentation below!


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    GeoHot's a hacker, a truckload of hackers are trying to steal Newell's account in hope of becoming as infamous as GeoHot did.

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    Hey Gabe, where is my Half Life 3?


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      I love you Gaben

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