[Updated] Hackers Strike Again: EVE online, Minecraft, and Escapist Magazine Down

By Lo-Ping - Tue Jun 14, 1:13 pm

UPDATE:  In a recent tweet Lulzsec has announced that they are stopping the attack on Minecraft and preparing an attack on a as of yet unconfirmed target.

After laying claim to taking out the Playstation Network for over a month, the group of anonamous hackers that call themselves “lulzsec” have been merely a thorn in the side of gamers since then, taking down or hacking minor porn or gaming-related websites that not a whole lot of people expected to be hack-proof such as Sony’s Belgium site.

But today… they have dubbed today Titanic Takeover Tuesday…

Today, among others, Lulzsec has laid claim to the acts of taking out the login severs (and by association, the actual websites) for Minecraft and Eve Online, then for the hell of it they took a swing at The Escapist, home of famed video game reviewer Yahtzee’s show Zero Punctuation. The websites of all the targets are currently undergoing “sever errors” when we try to access them so it seems this hacker group that could is improving.

Seeing as most hardcore Eve Online players are training skills that literally take weeks to finish, a day or so of not being able to sign in will have exactly zero effect on their day. I do feel bad for the Minecraft players out there that regularly play online and the good video producers at The Escapist who are going to loose revenue from the site being down.

We’ve seen how pissed gamers at large get when they have something FREE taken away from them, imagine the fallout that will ensue when angry Capsuleers, Miners, and a certain Aussie video game reviewer get up on their soapboxes?

Source: LulzSec’s Twitter

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