Resident Evil 6 Announced

By Karl D - Thu Jan 19, 4:09 pm

As promised on the viral website, today came the arrival of the announcement trailer for Resident Evil 6.  For the last week we’ve been seeing photographs of various places in the world, the fact that the symbol bares a close resemblance to the biohazard symbol pretty much confirmed that we knew what was coming.

Please enjoy the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on this new chapter in the Resident Evil franchise.



A few key points to take from the trailer:

-Leon and Chris confirmed as playable characters
-New Mercenary guy also looks like he might be playable, has some crazy moves
-President turns into a zombie
-A new city called Tall Oaks is the location of the virus outbreak along with an unnamed city in Asia
-Fast paced over the shoulder shooting
-Leon goes to Tall Oaks with a playable female character, Chris goes to the Asian country, Merc character possibly going to a European country
-Leon lunges an axe into a zombie, melee weapons confirmed?
-Ashley returns? A blonde woman can be seen assisting the Merc, possibly co-op gameplay similar to Resident Evil 5 for this scenario
-2:52 features an amazing slide and shoot moment
-Pause at 3:05 and you can see what looks to be an El Gigante


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