Humour Article: Macho Man Alduin Savage

By Karl D - Sat Jan 07, 9:34 am

Ooh Yeah! The mod community have many goals, they like to improve an existing game, they like to make new content for games and sometimes…they just like to mess around with a game.

Youtube user fncypntz has uploaded a short video demonstrating the Macho Man mod for Skyrim which replaces the fierce dragon Alduin with none other than one of wrestling’s biggest icons, Macho Man Randy Savage. While the mod removes the wings from the original dragon model, it adds Randy’s trademark hat and hair along with his classic “YEAH!” shout.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

PC users can download the mod right here

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    as a redneck wrestling fan and one currently playing skyrim i must say. . . . that’s as shit right there now.

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