Sony Conference Round-up

By Lo-Ping - Mon Jun 06, 9:00 pm

Alright, so our minds are thoroughly blown by Sony’s dubstep-heavy presentation.  So collect your brains off the wall, and cast your eyes this way.  Here’s your Sony Conference E3 breakdown.

After a very lengthy intro, Jack Tretton came out with the obligatory introduction thanking everyone for joining them.  He began by addressing the recent PSN outage, this being his first time addressing the issue.  After mentioning their retail partners, he formally apologized to the consumer base for the inconvenience that occurred.

“For those of you who have left the Sony brand, or for those of you who’ve never been part of it, we hope the next 90 minutes change your mind.”

Ho boy…here we go…

-CinemaNow was announced as a new partner to deliver free television and movies to users of the PlayStation Network.

-Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra came out to feature Uncharted 3’s demo.
-The demo  features Drake running about on what appeared to be the deck of a cruise ship during a storm.  After infiltrating the lobby, he stealthily takes out an armed guard, and proceeds further into the room lit by the giant swaying chandelier above.  Overall, the demo looks absolutely stunning, and really showcases stealth gameplay by taking out guards in a variety of quiet fashions.  Which either means Drake’s a master infiltrator, or the guards were hired directly from Shadow Moses.  After being cornered by guards, a firefight erupts in which an explosion begins to flood the ship.  The ship then begins to capsize, and he’s forced to escape the rapidly sinking now-sideways ship via several quick-time events.  The demo closes with Drake running away from a tidal wave.
-Multiplayer beta begins June 22.
-Subways offer early access to COMPLETE multiplayer experience.  Not a beta…ENTIRE GAME!
-They then featured Uncharted 3’s 3D experience while featuring a few key story elements, while suggesting a few (multiplayer?) co-op opportunities with Drake and Sully.
-Release date for Uncharted 3: 11/1/2011 

Resistance 3
Marcus Smith from Insomniac came out to showcase Resistance 3.  He gave a breakdown of where the story previously left off.
– As the trend seems, the audience was informed to put on their 3D glasses
-Over all, nothing groundbreaking was seen that hasn’t been seen before from the Resistance series.
-Giant crawlers everywhere, running through crumbling buildings, cats and dogs living together, mass chaos.
-“3 minutes of Resistance 3 in 3D”  JOKE SO FAHNNY!
-Resistance 3 Sharpshooter Bundle: Resistance 3, PSMove camera and controller, sharp-shooter for $150

-God of War Origins collection: PSP remastered titles
-ICO/SOTC remastered titles
-Both launch in September, all playable in 3D
-Two new 3D hardware products available
–PlayStation-branded 3D display: 24 inch HD and 3D-capable, allows 2 players to see two seperate images rather than splitscreen OH GOD WAT?!
–Current 3D TV owners will have access to more affordable glasses ($69.99)
-Both available this fall along with HDMI cable and R3 for $499 

PlayStation Move
-Pointed out 8.8 million units sold
-Chris Snyder and Eric Boenisch from 2K sports featuring Move support for NBA2K12, “NBA on the Move”
–Players can physically target players they want to pass to, shoot, etc.
—Editor’s note: I cannot physically express how much of a fuck I don’t give
-And suddenly, Kobe Bryant.  YEEEAH!  YEEEAH!  YEEEAH!
-Playing a friendly match with them, and losing.
–Shit, Kobe!  Get it together!
-Medieval Moves: Dead Man’s Quest
–“Please put on your 3D glasses” (That’s a shot for those of you playing along at home.)
–Game essentially combines all activities done in Move Champions (sword fighting, archery, etc) and places the player in a fantasy setting
–No inventory system.  Just move from one weapon to the next depending on what motions you perform.
–Good work, Jeremy!

Infamous 2
-Featuring the game even though it comes out tomorrow
Gameplay/story trailer played, featuring co-op ala Shiva from Resident Evil 5
Overall, explosions everywhere are very impressive.
Great job, Jeremy!

-Move support imminent!  Hot dog, Jeremy!

-Pre-rendered CGI trailer played, featuring all the caveats a spiritual sequel to Warhawk would have: ground, air,  and vehicle combat, along with a mech here and there.
-Possible space-battles?  Oh man, that’d be awesome, Jeremy!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
-Trailer revealed, has our beloved raccoon leaping from rooftop to rooftop and using his signature hook to move across lines.
-Takes off mask: it’s Dmitri!  WHAT A TWIST, Jeremy!

EVE Online Crossover 
Dust 514 as a PS3 exclusive, connects with EVE Online
-Extends experience to NGP
-“One Universe, One War”
-Trailer featured a futuristic FPS shooter where console players can fight wars for PC users’ corporations for profit.  Rewards unknown as of yet.
-Closed beta and full release by 2012!  Better get on that, Jeremy!

Bioshock Infinate
-Story/Gameplay trailer
-Features  rapid movement from building-to-building via monorail
-Ken Levine comes out to reaffirm dedication to PS Move
-Digs at Nintendo Wii motions; “We don’t do…that.”
-Reveals soon-to-be-announced NGP title
-Consumers receive free copy of Bioshock with Bioshock Infinite

Saints Row
-Move Support
-November 15th release date

Star Trek
-Original storyline that captures Star Trek brand.
-Move peripheral modeled after Phaser
-Showed early footage (Pre-alpha gameplay); Kirk and Spoc moving about in 3rd-person wrecking the place

EA Partnerships
–Exclusive level: Mt. Fuji
-Need for Speed: Run
–Seven exclusive cars
-Battlefield 3
— Free copy of Battlefield 1943

-Kaz Hirai reaffirming Sony’s “Ten Year Plan”; addressed PSN outage once more
-“How do we deliver a PlayStation-like experience widely available?”
-LBP Vita
–Gameplay trailer featuring platform-unique features including touch-screen interaction, and editing pictures into in-game objects
Streetfighter X Tekken!!!


–Bobby Lee comes out to reveal teaser trailer; exactly what you’d expect from the title
–Cole from Infamous will be joining the roster; realtime gameplay with him fighting Ryu with a variety of unique moves.
-Will release holiday 2011; Wifi only model for $249, 3G for $299

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