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By Karl D - Sun Apr 24, 2:53 pm


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    They must be trollin'. Has to be fake…

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    I'm loving the name "Ice"-Vanilla Ice, Van Winkle-Robert Van Winkle.

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    This is fake, it's from a guy that writes all kinds of "Onion" esque articles. Do a little research before you sensationalize something.

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    So obviously a joke. Nobody is that stupid. Not even Christians.

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    Christwire is a satirical website that publishes blog style articles that highlight perceived excesses of Christian conservatives.

    i almost believed it lol.

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    you do know that christwire.org is a complete work of fiction / satirical site, right ? 😉

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    This didnt come from a real Christian website. It came from a joke site and you knew it. sadfsadfsad

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    OMG LOLWTF. Funniest article ever. Thanks, Lo-Ping.

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    This HAS to be fake, there's just no way. This is a joke. It MUST be a joke.
    This site is not run by Christians, but is clearly a site run by people trying to bash Christians and destroy their credibility by portraying them as stupid, prejudiced and bigoted with articles such as these. This site is NOT A CHRISTIAN SITE, but is probably run by athiests trying to destroy Christianity.

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      …excellent stuff. I'm all for undermining christianity whether done by so called christians or any other person.

    2. 0

      See, this is *exactly* why satire exists. I literally can't tell if Cameron's comment is sincere or just adding a satirical comment to the satire.

      Christians don't need any help destroying their credibility. And any Christian who reads the Bible and comes out believing that if you aren't rabidly pro-Christian you must be an atheist missed the point entirely. So I am hoping the comment was just satire, but not investing a lot into that hope.

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