Dragon's Dogma: Why Aren't You Talking About This Game?!

By Lo-Ping - Tue Apr 12, 2:18 pm

Do you like Monster Hunter?  Do you like Demon’s Souls?  Ever wonder what would happen if they both went to a party, had a few too many drinks, and had a wondrously passionate night of fictional drunken sex?  And then afterwards, Monster Hunter got pregnant and pressured Demon’s Souls to take responsibility for the child?  And, after a begrudging shotgun ceremony courtesy of Capcom, a game-child was born a bloody screaming painful birth, wrenched from the loins of Monster Hunter?

Ever wonder if this analogy had gone on long enough?

Well wonder no longer!  Capcom recently released the reveal trailer for their newest game Dragon’s Dogma.  Much like the above anecdote, they’ve seemed to create a loving hybrid of Demon’s Souls and Monster Hunter.  From the creators of Devil May Cry 3 and 4 (take from this what you will), they’ve made what Capcom’s calling their biggest action game yet!

But don’t take my word for it…



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    Im glad Darth Sidious cans till find work

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    why weren't we talking about it!?

    maybe it's because the game was just announced and it's new to everyone.

    if you want to see people talk about it, go to forums and don't bother wasting time with this kind of article:/

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