Halo Reach: A Late Review from a Gamer like You

By Lo-Ping - Sun Mar 13, 3:51 pm

By Ben C.

Hey all. I’ve never actually done a review before, nor do I really have any editing software to make a fancy one. I did, however, really want to spark an interest in Halo Reach in communities that weren’t previously interested.

“Read more” to see it.

Enjoy! If you think something like this needs to become a regular feature, or have any recommendations, please let me know.

Thank you.


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    Very nice and cool Review and Awesome Video to watch about the Review of Halo Reach from you. Also I think that is Very Excellent work you did for the Video. I give you a big Congrats on the work you did for the Review Video of Halo Reach.

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    Great review of a damn great game.

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