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By Kyle S. - Sun Feb 28, 11:00 am


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    Look at the original modern warfare, that shook things up so much in the Call of Duty franchise, that we all wanted to play it, even if that meant having a hormonal child laugh at me down the mic everytime they killed me. However, four games later within the same amount of years, and things are still exactly the same in the main gameplay, no new ideas at all have come into it…heck I played modern warfare 3 with some friends when it came out, and if somebody had told me it was modern warfare 2, I wouldn't have questioned them for a second. This goes for all of those huge franchises that are bashed in the industry. Heck, skyrim couldn't be more mainstream, but we all love it (not the bugs, I'll admit), as I said, it's not the fact it's mainstream, it's the fact we are bored with it.

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    Well, I think that the whole point of this is that we don't hate mainstream games, and you've pretty much said that in your article. The matter of the fact is that we love originality in games, whether they be popular and mainstream or not. If a game is great, and original, we will buy and play these games, regardless of whether millions of twelve year old's across the world are playing it to death or not.

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    Idk, because everything that could have happened to you was random, you might have had a different opinion than what you've wrote above… perhaps you were blessed with the clarity of mind to think certain games were good over other "mainstream" games, or you were blessed with a higher level of intelligence than most of your high school, and that you mention you had a modest upbringing. What if you grew up well-off, had a lower IQ than others, or perhaps what if you didn't have the opportunity to have games until later in life? Probably wouldn't have this article up. Meh. Though I will add, BF3 >>>>> MW3.

    Also, "I didn't by much games…" –> "I didn't buy many games…"

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      Oh my…how embarrassing! Fixed! Thank you!

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