Sony Pictures announces 5th Resident Evil movie, release date detailed

By Karl D - Mon Mar 07, 10:14 am

By Karl D


Lifelong fans of the franchise brace yourselves for the worst…again, a new live action movie of Resident Evil has been given the go ahead by Sony Pictures and a release date of September 14th, 2012 has been set. It was also announced that the movie would be released in Stereoscopic 3D. After the massive $236 million in box office sales set by RE: Afterlife (twice as many sales as RE: Extinction), Sony would be stupid not to milk it release a new movie.

This is the shortest time gap between the release of any of Paul Anderson’s RE movies, the movie will be set after the events of Afterlife with Alice (Milla Jovovich) and friends looking to take out the rest of Umbrella, a certain returning character who we all saw after the credits of Afterlife give us a guess as to who the antagonist will be.

In an interview, Anderson said if Afterlife succeeds, he will do a fifth film and would like Leon Kennedy to make an appearance although after he turned Chris Redfield’s character into an military soldier, I’d hate to see what he might do to Leon.



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    Nice little review there! I think we all know the score with Game-Movies, but looking forward to hearing some more reviews

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    I honestly cannot wait for Anderson's next installment of this terrific franchise!

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      Barry says okay!

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