Interview: Psy and SupaDave of GG-Guys!

By Lo-Ping - Mon Mar 07, 2:25 pm

The other morning I awoke with a very friendly response to my request of an interview from none other than Psy of gg-guys, a webcomic that I’ve been following for over a year ( and if you have a sense of humor, you should too)

Today me and (kinda sorta) Ben have a nice long chat two of the funnier comedy duos on the net about a range of subjects, from the birth of gg-guys to how Psy screwed over the creator of VgCatz one time at Akon.

Recording this was both a lot of fun and extremely frustrating, what you are about to hear is the second attempt at this interview, the first of which being me flying solo and my Skype recording software decided there was too much awesome in the call. And as if to prove how AWESOME these guys are, when I informed Psy of what happened and asked if we could do another interview sometime in the future, his response was “Sure, how about tomorrow?

Take 2 was a glamorous affair with two recorders AND a live broadcast on Wha-chow, very fun to do. Click play and give a big internet hand to Psy ‘n Dave!



Sonic Midnight

Sure to be Ban’d

fireball20xl (Webcomic hub created by Psy)


And on a special side-note: Lo-Ping’s as-yet unreleased Panda Assisted eNtertainment Deductive Assesment System (P.A.N.D.A.S) required somebody with a modicum of talent to draw it. By some fluke I was assigned with the job. Psy happened to hear me bitch about it and graciously offered to do the drawings himself. So in the nearish future our dear mascot Prescott will be getting a high-class facelift!


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    "Panda Assisted eNtertainment Assesment System (P.A.N.D.A.S)"

    That's spells P.A.N.A.S, not P.A.N.D.A.S.

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      Well spotted! My mistake, and it's now fixed!

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    Great stuff! These guys were way too much fun.

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    Hey, thanks so much for having us! It was great!

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