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Whitehouse.gov Petition to Ban Skyrim

I have seen some shit...

I have seen some shit...

Does the idea of slaying dragons in a high-fantasy setting leave a bad taste in your mouth?  Do heroic deeds in a far away land

populated by giants, elves, and cat-people offend your sensibilities?  Well fret not, social conservative!  For your possibly literal prayers have been answered!

A petition on whitehouse.gov has called for the Immediate Ban of “The Deadly Videogame Known As SkyRim” [1].  The satire is palpable with such bullet points as “SkyRim produced by Blizzard entertainment”, and the suggestion to create a national database of videogame avatars and screen names so that “teenagers can be better monitored”.  It’s definitely worth a read; if not for the reasons above, but for the petition signers names.

Honorable mentions go to Mehrunes D, Oblivion; Batman, The Batcave; and The Mages College In, Whiterun.