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Valve Hints at Possible Half Life 3/Episode 3?

Consider the following: Through carefully placed hints and tips, as well as some clever marketing and masking on their part, Valve teases that Episode 3 or possibly Half Life 3 may be upcoming.  Through some clever sleuthing, denizens of the internet have drawn a link between the hazy “hacked” Portal 2 information and drawn a handful of conclusions.

Via internet sleuthing with Valve’s latest ARG, we present the following.

Exhibit A: The mysterious outline

Through the use of some creative masking, these internet sleuths managed to create an image from this assortment of data.  The result is seen below.

Exhibit B: The Borealis

Alright, so they manage to make an image out of it.  Big whoop, it’s still a bit of a stretch.

That is until…


What do you make of this?  Is this Valve hinting at a possible release of Episode 3 or…dare we dream…Half Life 3?  Or is this merely the masturbatory exertions of a drooling collective?

Take from this what you will.