By Lo-Ping - Sun Feb 27, 1:34 am

Who We Are

Lo Ping, in Chinese, roughly means “Part of a discussion/criticism”. Geeks will also get the play on words in the name. Our group is starting small but aiming high. In coordination with Pixelsmashers.com, with our blog based here and updated Gametrailers.com, we are a (obviously) non-profit blog/podcast about gaming, technology, and current affairs.


The Blog

With the exception of a few core members and editors, Lo-Ping’s blog is modeled on an entirely freelance structure. Contributing writers are free to come and go as they please, so pretty much anyone and EVERYONE can write for us, as long as they pass a certain level of quality assurance.

The Podcast

Much like the blog, the podcast is entirely freelance, free-form and free-spirited. We’d like to have a bit more structure to it.  But what can you do?


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    are you guys hackers or sumthing????

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