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On-Disk DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Revealed

So it’s finally over.  You’ve played as Desmond looking through the eyes of Ezio looking through the eyes of Altair, and finally brought their two story lines to a close.  So now that that’s over…what now?  Well fret not Assassins, for Ubisoft has plans to release DLC for your beloved franchise!

A handful of industrious gamers found some on-disk data included on the PC version of Revelations that MORE than hinted at a DLC expansion for the game.  How much more?  Well, here’s the ripped audio [1].  Be aware, SPOILERS START HERE:

In the audio, Lucy is confirmed to have been an Assassin turned Templar via Warren Vidic’s indoctrination, and gives a more cohesive reason as to WHY Minerva decided Lucy just had to die at the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  The audio gives some more insight into the character of Vidic and the methods of the Templars by having Lucy herself question why no one ever came looking for her once the Templars took her.  The audio also contains snipits of Subject 16’s dialogue, an exchange between ADAM and EVE (no, really), and Desmon’s father William speaking to Subject 16 regarding his role in the Animus.