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By Lo-Ping - Sat May 21, 10:41 am


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    If they really wanted to have their legitimate satire video taken seriously, they should've done the right thing and talked with the Terraria devs. Instead they resorted to slander and this immature crapfest of harassing the game's creators which is now causing Terraria's legal team to reconsider their guidelines — which of course, hurts ALL the YoutTube video creators.

    The onus of this is squarely on Thebestgamers' immaturity instead of possibly making a reasonable stand for expression. Shame on them.

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    I thought satire implied wit of some kind?

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    While Terraria is a good game, they are as in the right to remove that video as the developer of The Conduit 2 was to AmazonBomb a reviewer's book because he hated the game.

    Terraria's main pr at this point has been /v/, and /v/ friggen hated their translucent attempts to viral their own game. When you play with fire you get burned.

    Just saying, there are dicks on both sides of the equation here.

  4. +2

    So if people say things that make you mad, they deserve to have unlawful copyright claims made against them?

    Is that what you're trying to say here?

    Being mean is wrong, but falsely accusing people of breaking laws that they did not break is wrong AND illegal.

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    There's a difference between satire and trolling.
    The Best Gamers walk a fine line.

  6. +3

    Uh… they actually dug up the Deviantart/dating site stuff BEFORE the video got taken down.
    If you watched the video, you would know that.
    They show his Deviantart in the video itself!

    It wasn't an act of retaliation against the video being taken down. It was a preemptive jab at the creator.

    Anyways, this was a poor decision on Blue's part. But I doubt TBG care much. This whole stunt has just gotten them more publicity. I mean, this article is proof of that.

  7. +3

    It's a joke website.

    The cry-babies are coming from the Terraria site if anything.

    The Best Gamers constantly do this shit and don't really care, they just want to offend, and they did it.

    Terraria devs just wanted bad publicity censored.

    The "personal attacks" were him laughing at a poem.

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    I definitely think it was a good move by them to remove it. I didn't know the best gamers were satire at the start, and just heard a shitty review, and if one person thinks that, others will. The fact is they're indie game developers, and if someone searches for a random review on Youtube and gets that, it's just absolutely terrible publicity, and could make or break a sale, which in my opinion is just a bad thing to do to an indie title, and I think the best gamers should take this into consideration before posting a (terribly non comical) satire review.

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    Not to mention it's free marketing. And they're customers of the game as well. Weird Al has made the same point during the Lady Gaga flare where his video was allegedly shot down by Gaga. It was later revealed that she never got news of it, but I digress. The gaming community has been arguing the similarities between the two sandboxes, so the satirical review isn't even the tip of of the iceberg as far as publicizing goes.

  10. +1

    The dude deserved it. Don't pull a move like removing a review of your game no matter how much you don't like it.

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      The website is full of trolls, the videos are troll videos, obviously. Blue took it off of YouTube because the entire "review" was the reviewer trolling and accusing Blue of copyright about 60 times.

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      Someone does not understand satire or the concept of multiple posters on website very well, do they?

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