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Lo-Ping Exclusive: The Making of FortressCraft Trailer

After the fun of bringing you yesterday’s interview [1]with DjArcas, creator of upcoming Xbox Live Indie game FortressCraft [2], Lo-Ping is extremely excited to announce that we can bring you an exclusive look at the newest FortressCraft trailer a day before public release!

For those of you interested in hearing DjArcas’ side of the story, click here [3] to download our recent interview with him. Gavin has requested that we warn you of his voice, he is in the middle of recovering from a bad case of Strep throat and sounds like, and we quote, “what would have happened if Eddie Deezen ever hit puberty”.

After doing the interview and seeing this trailer FortressCraft is looking to be a day-one purchase for more than one writer here at LP. What about you? Sound off in the comments below. We read ’em, honest!